After a four-year hiatus, the 2024 Beijing International Auto Show opened grandly last Thursday in Beijing. The landscape of the global automotive industry is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. Last year, China's automobile exports reached 5.2 million vehicles, surpassing traditional automotive powerhouses Germany and Japan for the first time. Among them, exports of new energy vehicles reached 1.2 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 77.2%, reaching a historic high and accounting for over 60% of the global market share. This year, the market share of new energy vehicles in China has surpassed 50% for the first time, officially surpassing traditional fuel-powered vehicles and becoming the mainstream.

Amidst the intensifying market competition, what can we expect from the highly anticipated Beijing International Auto Show? Themed "New Era, New Vehicles," this year's auto show showcases 117 global premieres, 278 new energy vehicle models, and innovative achievements from approximately 500 component enterprises and technology companies representing 13 countries and regions. It has captured the attention of car enthusiasts. Following the unveiling of China's intelligent automobiles at last year's Shanghai Auto Show, which marked a new chapter for the Chinese automotive industry, the spotlight at this year's Beijing Auto Show remains on smart, connected new energy vehicles. Serving as a "mega terminal" that integrates various technologies such as mechanics, electronics, computing, perception, audiovisual, and energy storage, these vehicles are setting the course for future driving experiences.



The Grand Showcase of Global Premieres and Concept Cars

Among the 117 vehicle models making their debut, 30 of them are meticulously crafted by multinational automobile manufacturers. Additionally, 41 stunning concept cars are making their impressive appearances, providing the audience with a rare opportunity to glimpse the future trends in automotive design and technology.



A Gathering of Cutting-Edge Technology

The auto show brings together numerous cutting-edge technologies, with significant breakthroughs in both software and hardware, heralding an impending transformation in the automotive industry. These innovative technologies have the potential to completely revolutionize our perception and experience of mobility.



 A Lineup of Manufacturing Giants

At this auto show, major manufacturers have showcased their star products. BYD unveiled its all-new electric hatchback, the Ocean-M. This new hatchback will be built on a brand-new electric platform that incorporates battery-to-body technology similar to BYD's Seal model, promising higher efficiency and more stable battery performance. Meanwhile, Radar Automotive introduced a pure electric pickup truck with five key features, including pickup truck characteristics, electric four-wheel drive capabilities, external power output expansion, intelligent IoT integration, and passenger-carrying capabilities. It boasts eight global firsts, nine industry exclusives, 22 Chinese firsts, and over 60 industry-leading features. With outstanding driving performance and the ability to tackle various extreme road conditions, it also offers powerful discharge capabilities and an intelligent IoT ecosystem, catering to diverse outdoor leisure and transportation needs.



Economy Electric Vehicles Garner Attention

With the continuous advancement of battery technology, the driving range of electric vehicles has been steadily increasing, allowing for the emergence of more affordable and cost-effective electric cars. At this auto show, major exhibitors have showcased their latest achievements in electric vehicles.



Emerging Domestic Brands Rise Unexpectedly 

At this auto show, numerous emerging domestic brands have made their mark, including some making their debut for the first time. The emergence of these new brands not only reflects the vigorous development and strong competitiveness of the Chinese automotive industry but also injects fresh vitality and innovative power into the market.

The auto show is filled with excitement, and the SYMA booth shines brightly! Along with China's transformation from a manufacturing giant to a manufacturing powerhouse, SYMA has also overcome challenges along the way, assisting exhibitors in exploring limitless possibilities and achieving brilliance!



BUICK New Energy Vehicles stand



BUICK Fuel Vehicles stand









The 2024 Beijing Auto Show, a grand feast of innovation, showcases China's unique vision for the future of automobiles – electrification and digital connectivity. It represents the industry's steadfast commitment to innovation, sustainability, and intelligent mobility. At the exhibition, attendees can explore new vehicles, experience cutting-edge technologies, and embrace green and environmentally friendly concepts. The event is filled with continuous surprises and delights!

On April 23rd, 2024, the Huawei Core Supplier Conference was held in Shenzhen. We are honored to once again be awarded the Excellent Quality Award. This is a great achievement that embodies the wisdom and hard work of our SYMA team, as well as the tremendous success we have achieved in serving Huawei for over twenty years.




Since 1999, SIMA has served in over a hundred projects for Huawei, including large-scale exhibitions, showroom events, and more, both domestically and internationally. We have consistently ensured high-quality delivery with unwavering dedication. From design planning, material procurement, production management, mock-up, on-site safety, to operational supervision, quality and safety management are integrated into every stage of the project, making it paramount to project success. During the open salon at the conference, our Deputy Manager, Hao Yiming, engaged in discussions and exchanges with the award recipients on the concept of "high quality and winning through quality," future industry challenges, and the relationship between quality and cost. Yiming also delivered an acceptance speech. We believe that in an increasingly competitive environment, the ultimate winner is the one who can provide high-quality services at the very competitive cost. Therefore, safety and quality remain fundamental. From a long-term strategic perspective, only by doing so can we effectively control costs and win stable and high-quality customers.

As a premium supplier for Huawei, we are not just service providers but also partners in cooperation. We bear the responsibility and mission together with our clients, working towards achieving business growth and brand value. We firmly believe that winning through quality is the key to a mutually beneficial future!


Marcel Strässle, founder of SYMA, receives XAVER OF THE YEAR 2017

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SYMA was delighted to welcome Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann, Head of the Federal Council of Economic Affairs, Education and Research, to its headquarters in Kirchberg. He had come to attend the Tagblatt Podium Discussion on Corporate Tax Reform III, organised by the Tagblatt newspaper and Mediapolis.

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