HUAWEI-Excellent Quality Award

On April 23rd, 2024, the Huawei Core Supplier Conference was held in Shenzhen. We are honored to once again be awarded the Excellent Quality Award. This is a great achievement that embodies the wisdom and hard work of our SYMA team, as well as the tremendous success we have achieved in serving Huawei for over twenty years.




Since 1999, SIMA has served in over a hundred projects for Huawei, including large-scale exhibitions, showroom events, and more, both domestically and internationally. We have consistently ensured high-quality delivery with unwavering dedication. From design planning, material procurement, production management, mock-up, on-site safety, to operational supervision, quality and safety management are integrated into every stage of the project, making it paramount to project success. During the open salon at the conference, our Deputy Manager, Hao Yiming, engaged in discussions and exchanges with the award recipients on the concept of "high quality and winning through quality," future industry challenges, and the relationship between quality and cost. Yiming also delivered an acceptance speech. We believe that in an increasingly competitive environment, the ultimate winner is the one who can provide high-quality services at the very competitive cost. Therefore, safety and quality remain fundamental. From a long-term strategic perspective, only by doing so can we effectively control costs and win stable and high-quality customers.

As a premium supplier for Huawei, we are not just service providers but also partners in cooperation. We bear the responsibility and mission together with our clients, working towards achieving business growth and brand value. We firmly believe that winning through quality is the key to a mutually beneficial future!



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